185 years ago today - Sep 3, 1837

A general conference is held in Kirtland. The body of the Church unanimously sustains Joseph as the president. Joseph presents Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams for a sustaining vote and Elder Williams is not sustained. Joseph introduces Oliver Cowdery, Joseph Smith, Sr., Hyrum Smith, and (Uncle) John Smith as assistant counselors, stating these, with the others, are to be considered as the heads of the Church. They are sustained unanimously. The Twelve Apostles are presented for a sustaining vote. Luke S. Johnson, Lyman E. Johnson, and John F. Boynton are rejected and disfellowshipped. Boynton, being the only one present, tries to confess his sins and explain his reasons, stating that he had been told that the bank had been instituted by the power of God and would never fail; so his faith was shaken when it did fail. Joseph states that he said the bank would survive only if it was conducted on righteous principles. Another vote is taken in Elder Boynton's case, but hestill is not sustained. In other proposed sustainings, objections are made against Martin Harris, John Johnson, Joseph Coe, Joseph Kingsbury, and John P. Greene.While Joseph was on his mission to Canada in August, dissension in the Church was everywhere. Calling themselves the "Old Standard," Warren Parrish, Martin Harris, Luke S. Johnson, John F. Boynton, and others claimed that they should lead the Church and should control the temple. The "Old Standard" arrived with weapons during one Sunday meeting and threatened to take the temple by force from Joseph Smith, Sr., who was presiding at that meeting. The congregation scattered in fear, the police came in and took out the offenders, and order was finally restored. A young woman who was staying at David Whitmer's home prophesied through a black stone that Joseph had fallen because of transgression, and Church leadership would fall on David Whitmer or Martin Harris. The apostates held many meetings with her and formed their new group. These are the reasons for the lack of sustainings at the September conference. Although Joseph has Oliver Cowdery sustained at this time, he announces that Oliver is in transgression. Joseph hopes that he will humble himself.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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