25 years ago today - Sep 5, 1997

Mormon singer and actress Shawn Southwick marries CNN broadcast interviewer Larry King (born Lawrence Harvey Ziegler). Shawn Southwick (aka Shawn Engemann) is known to Mormon audiences as original cast member of "Saturday's Warrior" and as cover model for Jack Weyland's popular, LDS novel CHARLEY. It is her second marriage and King's sixth. King publicly refers to her repeatedly as "a devout Mormon." Their first child, Chance Armstrong King, is born Mar 9, 1999. LDS president Gordon B. Hinckley appears as sole guest on King's hour-long interview program, "Larry King Live" on Sept. 8, 1998 and again on Dec. 24, 1999. Hinckley appears a third time on Sept. 14, 2001 and a fourth on Dec 26, 2004. King refers to Hinckley on the air as "The prophet."

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