180 years ago today - Aug 31, 1843

Joseph begins moving into the Nauvoo Mansion. Up until this time the Smiths (Joseph, Emma, and four children) have been living in the same log house Joseph purchased from Hugh White in 1839. The mansion is a 22-room L-shaped building. The Smith family takes over six rooms and the rest are for entertaining visitors to Nauvoo. Fifteen days after moving into the mansion, Joseph gives notice that he is no longer able to provide free facilities, but thereafter the mansion will operate as a hotel. Joseph lives at the mansion until his death. At this time the men in Nauvoo are donating one day out of ten to work on the temple and Nauvoo House. The sisters are donating 1 percent of their weekly money for those structures.

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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