185 years ago today - Aug 26, 1838

[Sally Parker]

I lived by his [Hyrum Smith's] Mother and and [she] wass wone [one] of the finest of wimen[.] always helping them that stood in need[.] she told me the [w]hole story[.] the plates wass in the house and some times in the woods for eight months and on account of peopel trying to get them[.] they had to hide them[.] wonce [once] they hid them under the hearth[.] they took up the brick and put them in and put the bricks back[.] the old lady told me this hur self with tears in hur eyes, and they ran down hur cheeks too[.] she put hur hand upon hur stomack and said she [ha]s the peace of god that rested upon us all that time[.] she said it wass a heaven below[.] I axter [asked her] if she saw the plates[.] she said no it wass not for hur to see them but she hefted and handled them and I believed all she said for I lived by hur eight months and she wass wone [one] of the best of wimen ...

[Sally Parker to John Kempton, 26 August 1838, in private possession (microfilm, Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah)., as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: Sally Parker To John Kempton]

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