125 years ago today - Mar 21, 1899; Tuesday

President [Lorenzo] Snow was called upon by Sisters Emmeline B. Wells and Susa Y. Gates, who read a letter addressed to them by madame [Lydia Von Finklestein] Mountford, who is now in England lecturing on the new and the Old Zion. She desired to establish an institution in Jerusalem to help the Mohammedan children, and expressed the hope that the Woman's Relief Society in Utah would take an interested part in the movement. These sisters also informed the Presidency that there was an opportunity for one of our sisters to become a patron of the International Woman's Council, and they suggested that Inez Knight, now laboring in London [England] as a missionary, be advised to become that patron, a member of that Council, her father, Jesse Knight, having intimated his willingness to advance his daughter the necessary means. The Presidency had no objection to this being done.

[First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve minutes]

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