160 years ago today - Mar 2, 1864

DESERET NEWS headline: "GOLD! GOLD! GOLD!-GOLD IN THE MOUNTAINS! GOLD IN THE ROCKS!! GOLD IN THE SANDS!!! GOLD IN THE STREAMS!!!! GOLD IN THE CELLARS!!!!! GOLD IN THE STREETS!!!!!! GOLD IN THE GUTTER!!!!!!! GOLD EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!" However the accompanying story says: "But stop, we wish the public to know things as they are. In sober earnest and truth, where is all this Gold? We presume, from what we hear, that it is still tolerably plenty in California, very plenty in Washington, Idaho, and Arizona Territories, and there is some in Colorado and Nevada Territories. But so far as Utah is concerned, after sifting all reports up to present date, it is only in the hands of Madam Rumor, who is lavishing her blandishments and loudly blowing her trumpet to deceive the thoughtless into a waste of time and means. "

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