135 years ago today - Jun 23, 1889

[Apostle Abraham H. Cannon Journal]

Father [George Q. Cannonof the 1st Presidency] proved to my entire satisfaction this morning by passages from the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants that all men, even the sons of perdition, will be resurrected and stand before God to be judged. He believes that Jesus Christ is Jehovah, and that Adam is His Father and our God; that under certain unknown conditions the benefits of the Savior's atonement extend to our entire solar system. Jesus, in speaking of Himself as the very eternal Father speaks as one of the Godhead, etc. Many obscure points of doctrine were made plain to me by the conversation of this morning. [This entry was excluded from 'An Apostles Record: The Journals of Abraham H. Cannon']

[Diary of Apostle Abraham H. Cannon, http://www.amazon.com/Apostles-Record-Journals-Abraham-1889-1896/dp/B000MFD1K4]

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