180 years ago today - Jun 30, 1844

[Letter from Vilate Kimball to Heber C. Kimball regarding the death of Joseph & Hyrum Smith]

My Dear Dear Companion

Never before, did I take up my pen

to address you under so trying circumstances as we are now placed

but as Br Adams the bearer of this can tell you more than I can write

I shall not attempt to discribe [describe] the scene that we have passed through

God forbid that I should ever witness another like unto it

I saw the lifeless corpes [corpse] of our beloved brethren when they

were brought to their almost distracted families. yea I witnessed

their tears and groans which was enough to rend the heart of an

adamant. every brother and sister that [ ] witnessed the scene fe[lt]

deeply to simpathyze [symphonize] with them. yea, every heart is filled with

sorrow, and the very streets of Nauvoo seam to morn. whare [where]

it will end the Lord only knows. we are kept awake night after

night by the alarm of mobs. these apostates say, their damnation

is sealed their die is cast, their doom is fixed. and they are

determined to do all in their power to have revenge. ...

[Letter from Vilate Kimball to Heber C. Kimball]

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