180 years ago today - Jun 14, 1844

Joseph Smith writes a letter to Illinois governor Thomas Ford explaining the EXPOSITOR incident: "[T]he proprietors were a set of unprincipled, lawless debauchers, counterfeiters, bogus-makers, gamblers, peace-disturbers, . . . the City Council decided that it was necessary for the 'peace, benefit, good order and regulations' of said city, 'and for the protection of prosperity,' and for 'the happiness and prosperity of the citizens of Nauvoo,' that said Expositor should be removed, and declaring said Expositor a nuisance ordered the Mayor [Joseph Smith] to cause them to be removed without delay; which order was committed to the Marshal by due process, and by him executed the same day, by removing the paper, press and fixtures into the streets and burning the same; all which was done without riot, noise, tumult or confusion, . . ."

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