180 years ago today - Aug 1, 1831

[D and C] Doctrine and Covenants 58: Revelation given through Joseph Smith the Prophet, in Zion, Jackson County, Missouri, August 1, 1831. HC 1: 190-195. On the first Sabbath after the arrival of the Prophet and party in Jackson County, Missouri, a religious service was held and two members were received by baptism. During that week, members of the Colesville saints from the Thompson Branch and others arrived. Many were eager to learn the will of the Lord concerning them in the new place of gathering.

1-5, Those who endure tribulation shall be crowned with glory; 6-12, The saints are to prepare for the marriage of the Lamb and the Supper of the Lord; 13-18, Bishops are judges in Israel; 19-23, The saints are to obey the laws of the land; 24-29, Men should use their agency to do good; 30-33, The Lord commands and revokes; 34-43, To repent, men must confess and forsake their sins; 44-58, The saints are to purchase their inheritance and gather in Missouri; 59-65, The gospel must be preached unto every creature.

[Source: Doctrine and Covenants, http://amzn.to/DoctrineandCovenants]

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