110 years ago today - March 16th, 1902

[Apostle Brigham Young Jr. Diary] Mesa City. Sun. March 16th, 1902.

Pres. Hakes' grandchild buried today. Understand another funeral was held, of old man. Intended to attend but was so poorly, having passed a night of nervousness, that I did not feel able. Two couples with proper papers appeared before me, ______ and Christopher Bennet, with their wives and I sealed them for Time and all Eternity, they having been married several weeks ago by proper Elders for Time.

Received letter from Bro. E. H. Nye who is in East on Mission presides over ________ Conference and will soon succeed to Presidency of Eastern Mission.

[Source: Diary of Apostle Brigham Young Jr., http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]


  1. Why are there deliberate and intentional blanks in the original diary?

  2. I'm not sure. I suspect he inserted blank lines when he could not recall their names. There are similar instances elsewhere in his diary.


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