130 years ago today - 130 years ago - Sep 19, 1886

[Patriarchal Blessing of Margaret Rigby RosKelley by John L. Smith]

... thou shalt ... see Zion redeemed and peace established in all her borders, thy Joy shall be full, thousands shall be fed at thy table and many will hail thee mother, and bear thy name in honorable rememberence [remembrance] to the latest generation, thy sons and thy daughters mighty and numerous, thy words, words of wisdom to all thou dost associate with in the absence of thy companion thy Guardian Angel will shisper [whisper] to thee of his prosperity and tell thee which way to turn. ... Thou shalt behold thy Saviour decend [desend] in the clouds of heaven in great glory and rejoice with him in company with thy kindred ...

[Source: Patriarchal Blessings]


  1. https://www.geni.com/people/Margaret-Roskelley/6000000016543323193

  2. MRR was 1 of 4 polygamous wives of Samuel Roskelley. she had only 2 children by SR.


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