185 years ago today - Apr 30, 1832

In a meeting of the United Firm decisions were made concerning the publishing of the revelations, formally establishing the Literary Firm as an business operation of the United Firm. Cowdery, Phelps and J. Whitmer were given authority to "select for printing such [revelations] as [they] shall deem proper, as dictated b the Spirit & make all necessary verbal [grammatical] corrections." They also decided that "all [copies of the] Revelations [would] be limited to the parties concerned [i.e., Literary Firm] until printed," that is, individuals would no longer be permitted to make their own handwritten copies of the revelations. The Book of Commandments was reduced from 10,000 copies to 3,000. The Firm also decided to print an almanac and hymnal.

[Source: Far West Record, 47-48; Lisle G Brown, "Chronology of the Literary Firm"]

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