130 years ago today - Oct 11, 1888

[John C. Whitmer]
"I have heard my grandmother (Mary M[usselman]. Whitmer) say on several occasions that she was shown the plates of the Book of Mormon by an holy angel, whom she always called Brother Nephi. (She undoubtedly refers to Moroni, the angel who had the plates in charge.) It was at the time, she said, when the translation was going on at the house of the elder Peter Whitmer, her husband. ... One evening, when (after having done her usual day's work in the house) she went to the barn to milk the cows, she met a stranger carrying something on his back that looked like a knapsack. At first she was a little afraid of him, but when he spoke to her in a kind, friendly tone, and began to explain to her the nature of the work which was going on in her house, she was filled with unexpressible joy and satisfaction. He then untied his knapsack and showed her a bundle of plates, which in size and appearance corresponded with the description subsequently given by the witness to the Book of Mormon. This strange person turned the leaves of the book of plates over, leaf after leaf, and also showed her the engravings upon them...

[Andrew Jenson, "Still Another Witness," Historical Record 7 (October 1888): 621, as cited in Dan Vogel, Early Mormon Documents: John C. Whitmer Interview With Andrew Jenson And Edward Stevenson]

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