195 years ago today - 195 years ago - Oct 22, 1823

The WAYNE SENTINAL in Palmyra, New York publishes an account of a vision "seen and received by Asa Wild, of Amsterdam, (N. Y.)" In the vision "the Great Jehovah" appeared and "He also told me, that every denomination of professing christians had become extremely corrupt; . . .He told me further, that he had raised up, and was now raising up, that class of persons signified by the angel mentioned by the Revelator XIV. 6, 7, which flew in the midst of heaven; having the everlasting gospel to preach, that these persons are of an inferior [social] class, and small learning; that they were rejected by every denomination as a body; but soon, God will open their way, by miracles, judgments, &c. that they will have higher authority, greater power, superior inspiration, and a greater degree of holiness than was ever experienced before . . ."

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