175 years ago today - Oct. 7-9, 1843

A special conference is held in Nauvoo. Joseph addresses the congregation to try to convince them that he is dissatisfied with Sidney Rigdon as counselor, and that he thinks Sidney has done a poor job in the management of the post office, has had secret connections with John C. Bennett, and conspired with ex-Gov. Carlin when Joseph was arrested and almost taken back to Missouri on June 23. Joseph says the rift between himself and Sidney has grown too wide, and he does not want him as his counselor anymore. Sidney Rigdon then stands and pleads his case in a highly emotional manner, claiming that he is innocent of any ill feelings toward Joseph, and has never conspired with either John C. Bennett or Gov. Carlin. The weather deteriorates and the meeting is adjourned until the next day, Oct. 8, when Rigdon continues his appeal, listing the many sufferings and trying experiences he and Joseph have gone through together throughout the history of the Church. Elder Almon W. Babbittand Joseph's second counselor, William Law, each speak in defense of Rigdon. Hyrum Smith also asks for mercy for Rigdon. Hyrum Smith seconds a motion by stake president William Marks that Sidney Rigdon be retained as counselor in the First Presidency. It is passed in spite of Joseph's objections. Joseph rises and says, "I have thrown him off my shoulders, and you have again put him on me. You may carry him, but I will not."

[Conkling, Christopher J., Joseph Smith Chronology]

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