175 years ago today - Dec 19, 1843

[Patriarchal Blessing of Lorenzo Snow by Isaac Morley (who first entered into plural marriage on this day)] ... And it shall be thy gift and blessing to receive the Comforter even the Spirit of Truth which shall lead and guide thee into all Truth Thou hast thy gift & blessing of discernment of spirits to detect error and imbrace [embrace] truth Ask and thou shalt receive the gift and blessing of a white stone in that stone a new name written that no man knoweth save him to whom it is given. ... Prisions [Prisons] shall only cause thee to smile to see the follies of men. Power from on high shall be given thee & clear thy way before thee

Rememember [Remember] thy calling that thou art call[e]d to prune the Vineyard of the Lord in this last Dispensation ... Thou shalt ever be admired by all who are lovely & enjoy the society of Kings and Nobles. Brother Joseph shall be thy Prophet and Friend. ... and in the name of Jesus I seal the blessings of Eternal Life upon thy head Amen & Amen

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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