185 years ago today - Dec 18, 1833

Joseph Smith blessed his father, his mother, and three of his brothers during the dedication of the printing press in Kirtland. There is no mention of the Patriarchal office in Father Smith's blessing as recorded in the Prophet's journal. On 6 December 1834 Father Smith "was ordained patriarch and [assistant] president of the High Priesthood". On 9 December 1834 Father Smith pronounced patriarchal blessings on his children, which were recorded in a book in January 1835. In that same volume Oliver Cowdery included the blessings given by Joseph Smith during the 18 December 1833 meeting, but expanded on the wording of the blessings. The Prophet's blessing on his father added the words that Joseph Smith, Sr., was blessed to hold "the keys of the patriarchal Priesthood over the kingdom of God on earth, even the Church of the Latter Day Saints". Because of these words 18 December 1833 has come to regarded as the date for the origination of the office of Presiding Patriarch.

[Lisle G Brown, compiler, "Organizational Chronology of The Church of Christ, and The Church of the Latter Day Saints, 1829 - 1836"]

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