185 years ago today - Feb 26, 1834

[Greene M. Evan]
... met at Bro . . Segars and Baptised two in the evening filled our appointment just before meeting commenced a sister was taken with a distress in her stomach and called for us to lay hands on her we went out and prayed to know whether it was right for that people to have a sign and got the witness that she should be healed went in and laid hands on her and commanded the disease in the name of Jesus to depart from her and then I prayed that the cloud of darkness might be broke then I exhorted and contended for the gifts of the Church and for the first time the Lord poured out his spirit and gave the gift of toungs unto in pub* and we had a glorious time some were convinced of the power of God and the next morning

[Greene, Evan Melbourne, 1814 –1882. Diaries, 1833 –1852]

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