110 years ago today - Jul 21, 1910; Thursday

I learned today from Brother Ezra C. Dalby of Rexburg, Idaho, that Brother Josiah E. Hickman, of Beaver [Utah], and principal of the church school there had been excommunicated from the church for violating the instructions of the authorities of the church in relation to plural marriage. I am very sorry, because I look upon Brother Hickman as a very sincere and good man, who may have become over zealous. There are several others also implicated in the same conditions there, (apparently through the influence of Brother Hickman) who have been investigated by the authorities and handled. I do not know the extent of the investigation in their cases.

While I believe in the principle of plural marriage, I do not think we are under any obligations to violate the instructions of the President of the church in the matter. He has said there shall be no more such marriages performed in the church, and that those who go into that order of marriage now will be handled on their fellowship.

[James D. Cummings, Diary]

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