170 years ago today - Jul 21, 1850

[Brigham Young]

I asked him [Elder Day] how God looks as he was a preacher of the gospel - tell me how the kingdom of glory looks - after a long period he answered, '"I'll not pressure to answer the question how a spirit looks - how do you suppose Father Adam looked - he said like you. I smiled and asked how did his daddy look - he said he was in the image of his father ... the Jews has not 1/4 portion of the light of the advent to the gentiles know of the second advent of Christ, is it a marvel they rejected him - not half so much as the gentiles are now mistaken ... if I were to tell this congregation where they are - I now know and you will know, when the Lord led off those - he took them as the city of Enoch from the earth '- Gent this earth is divided - you may search this earth from earth to west, do you think they are frozen up. when the ten tribes return - you will find them millions and millions - they increased rapidly ... there is a curse on them for killing the Messiah - and the day is set and when it will be wiped away, we are at the very threshold when Saviors shall come and save the House of Esau, the gentiles, Ephraim in his first career was the savior of this fathers house and he said it is the house of Ephraim and Manasseh. Ephraim is to come up on Mount Zion and save the House of Esau, they have mingled with the blood of gentiles - only a drop in a family - every particle of a drop will be gathered out yet Ephraim will come up on Mount Zion -

[Thomas Bullock Minutes, quoted in The Complete Discourses of Brigham Young, Ed. Richard S. Van Wagoner, Smith-Pettit Foundation, Salt Lake City (2009), http://bit.ly/BY-discourses]

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