175 years ago today - Jul 29, 1845

Patriarchal Blessing of Samuel Swanner given by William Smith ... yet some foul and evil Spirit has watched thy path and laid a snare for thy Soul and endeavored to bring thee down into captivity and so destroy and bind thy Spirit that all of thy future usefulness might be hindered, but the days of thy captivity shall not be all the days of thy life for when the Saints receive thine [their] enduement [endowment] the Elders of Israel their anointings then shall the opening glories of this latter dispensation beam with greater effulgence upon thine understanding then Lo and behold thy deliverance shall come

and like the bird uncaged thy Soul shall be set free to flit itself in distant lands and amidst thy starry heavens the trackless skies thy Spirit shall rove ungovernable in the far off distance until lost in the contemplation of heaven the knowledge of God ...

[Patriarchal Blessings, Marquardt Papers]

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