135 years ago today - Sun., July 5th, 1885, 1885

[Abraham H. Cannon]

Bro. Jos. McMurrin was shot by a deputy marshal named Collins. It seems that there have long been ill feelings between the two because of the latter's sneaking around Agnes McMurrin's home to try and learn something about her actions, she being reported as a polygamist wife of Royal B. Young. These two met in the Social Hall lane first, when the deputy placed his pistol against Bro. M's abdomen and fired twice. Either one of the wounds would necessarily have been fatal. Bro. M. ran into the street before falling and was then conveyed to the City Hall where he was told he could not live more than 24 hours, and where he made his statement of the affair. Collins fled in the meantime to the U.S. Marshal who shielded and finally took him out to the "Pen," notwithstanding his solemn promise that he would bring the murderer to the City Hall and deliver him up to the proper officers. The deputy is to appear before Commissioner McKay on Monday. This sad event cast a gloom over all who heard it for the victim is a most estimable and brave young man.

[Abraham H. Cannon Journal Excerpts, http://www.amazon.com/Apostles-Record-Journals-Abraham-1889-1896/dp/B000MFD1K4]

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