175 years ago today - Jul 14, 1845

[Patriarchal Blessing of African American Joseph T. Ball given by William Smith] ... when thy name is enrolled with the house of Israel upon sacred Records deposited in the archives of the temple, as a memorial and a testimony of thy faithfulness and good works the names of thine enemies shall be forgotten forever, & their moral worth shall not be counted... the powers and blessings of the holy Priesthood are upon thine head after the order of Melchisedec even ordained a High Priest by the Spirit of Revelation from under my hands which is again confirmed by the same authority and sealed on earth & Ratified in heaven, and no power under the heaven shall take it from thee, for upon thine head has been ordained this authority & power from before the foundation of the world, and the purposes of God shall never fail, for unto Joseph[']s remnants in this last dispensation has the blessing of the Holy Priesthood been handed down and thou art of that Royal Stock, to whom the blessings and promises were made ... high and lifted up shall be thy throne, beautiful and exalted shall be thy mansion of glory, and into it shall be gathered all nations, who are of the labors of thy ministry, & of the fruits of thine own loins, and as a king and a mighty prince shalt thou reign and rule over many even ten kingdoms ... thou shalt be called to a mighty Prophet a minister of peace & righteousness, for by Revelation shalt thou speak and by the power of the Holy Ghost thou shalt make known the great mysteries of the kingdom, and the Salvation of Israel[']s God to a dying world & many shall be gathered and saved in the kingdom by thy labors with thee for I seal all this blessing upon thy head with all the blessings of the Spiritual kingdom and a Salvation that is after the power of an endless life in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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