110 years ago today - Oct 23, 1911; Monday

[Joseph F. Smith & Anthon Lund]

In the first place you should know that the second anointing is not intended for every male member of the Church, and goodness alone is not a sufficient recommendation to receive the higher blessings.

Recommends for the second anointing should only be given to men and women who have lived together as husband and wife, and who through long years of faithfulness are still found to be worthy before the Lord and their brethren. They should be men of good report, men whose faith has never been shaken, whose integrity to the Lord and his servants has been beyond question, men who have been valiant for the truth, men who have either defended the servants of the Lord or would do so at all hazards should circumstances require it at their hands. They should be men who have done what they could whether in preaching or working or otherwise helping their file leaders in the building up of Zion, and who are every ready and willing to labor in the interests of Zion at home or abroad. And all those thus recommended must be in harmony with the First Presidency and general authorities of the Church, also those immediately presiding over them. And this spirit also must characterize their wives in order to make them eligible to be associated with their husbands in receiving these blessings.

... it is not for you to take your bishops into your confidence in having them recommend brethren to you for these blessings, because they are in no wise responsible for such recommends. It is you as stake president, and you alone, who are held responsible ... all brethren recommended by you should be instructed to regard this matter in the utmost privacy. ... neither should they take the liberty of advising any to ask you to be likewise recommended, as it is not for any man to seek for these blessings, but for those worthy of them to be sought out.

You must be exceedingly careful in recommending for the second anointing, careful as to the character of the men recommended, also careful with a view to maintaining privacy, and in order to avoid attention being drawn to recommends of this character, we suggest that you do not recommend more than one couple at a time, and that not more than one couple from your stake come to the temple during any one week.

... Deceased men or women recommended by you must of course also be likewise worthy ...

P.S. We take it for granted that you and your counselors have received higher blessings.

[Joseph F. Smith and Anthon H. Lund, letter to President William C. Partridge, Kenney Papers, original in LDS Archives]

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