120 years ago today - Friday, Oct 11, 1901

[Apostle Rudger Clawson]

It was decided that [details f the funeral] ... at 10 a.m. the funeral cortege should take up its march to the tabernacle as follows: police; band; Presidency; Twelve, and Patriarch Jno. Smith; pallbearers; casket; family of deceased; Presiding Bishopric; presidents of stakes; bishopric of 18th ward, the ward where Pres. Snow resided; wives of the general authorities; general board of Relief Societies, general board of the Y.M.M.I.A., general board of the Y.L.M.I.A.; general board of the Deseret Sunday School Union; general board of the Primary Associations; general board of education; church school boards; general board of Religion Classes; directorates: Z.C.M.I., Zion's Saving Bank, Utah Light and Power Co., Salt Lake and Los Angeles Ry. Co., Saltair Beach Co., Grass Creek Coal Co.; general public.

...It was decided by unanimous vote that the counselors of Pres. Snow should act as such in the First Presidency, being in charge of the affairs of the church, until after the funeral. Myself and Apostle Woodruff were appointed as a committee to arrange for a floral offering of the Twelve—the design to be, in a general way, three columns in white representing the First Presidency, with Twelve stars to represent the Twelve Apostles (which duty, we afterwards fulfilled). Benediction by Apostle Jno. W. Taylor.

[Stan Larson (editor), A Ministry of Meetings: The Apostolic diaries of Rudger Clawson, Signature Books in association with Smith Research Associates, Salt Lake City, 1993, http://bit.ly/rudgerclawson]

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