120 years ago today - Oct 9, 1901

Certificate of authority of YMMIA missionaries-- Salt Lake City.

Owing to a peculiar set of circumstances this is a very interesting document, not so much for its contents as for its signatures.

From April 12, 1901 Lorenzo Snow had been functioning with a second counselor only following the death of George Q. Cannon. In the October, 1901 general conference of the Church Joseph F. Smith was sustained as first counselor and Rudger Clawson was sustained as the new second counselor in the First Presidency. The conference closed on October 7th and three days later on October 10, 1901 President Lorenzo Snow died thus dissolving the First Presidency. That three days was long enough for Rudger Clawson to affix his signature [a] document ...as a member of the First Presidency.

[Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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