75 years ago today - Oct 10, 1946

Benjamin E. Roberts, son of B. H. Roberts, addresses the Timpanogos Club at the Hotel Utah, discussing his father's studies on the Book of Mormon. He presents a manuscript by B. H. Roberts titled "A Parallel" which lists 18 parallels between the Book of Mormon and Ethan Smith's "VIEW OF THE HEBREWS" which was published in New York in 1823 and again in an enlarged edition in 1825. One of B. H. Roberts striking "parallels" is a passage from Ethan Smith's book that gives a capsule outline of the Book of Mormon: "It is highly probable that the more civilized part of the tribes of Israel, after they settled in America, became wholly separated from the hunting and savage tribes of their brethren: that the latter lost the knowledge of their having descended from the same family with themselves; that the more civilized part continued for many centuries; that tremendous wars were frequent between them and their savage brethren, till the former became extinct." B. H. Roberts adds: "Let it be remembered that the work from which this is quoted existed from five to seven years before the publication of the Book of Mormon. And the two editions of the work flooded the New England states and New York."

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