110 years ago today - Apr 23, 1912

... while the First Presidency of the Church recognize the right of its members to affiliate with the political party of their own choice, at the same time our own personal experience, together with the light in us, suggests the wisdom of our people remaining with one or the other of the two national parties, and not permit themselves to be drawn away by extremists in an endeavor to set up a third party.

This advice we believe to be good for them as individuals, and good for us as a community. ... We have also reminded the brethren referred to that if socialism embodied all of the principles of United Order, even in that event it would be just as distinct and from the United Order as it is at present; that it is one thing for such principles to be administered by good and righteous men acting by virtue of divine authority, and entirely another thing for such principles to be entrusted to men whose ambition is prompting them to ride into political power by means of a third party. ...

[First Presidency, Letter to W. T. Jack, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1835-1951, Electronic Edition, 2015]

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