45 years ago today - Apr 20, 1977

Polygamist leader Ervil LeBaron tells a meeting in Dallas, Texas that the Lord wants members of the group to prepare for a mission to Utah. He decrees that on May 3, the funeral of rival-leader Rulon Allred would be held in Salt Lake City at which his brother Verlan LeBaron should be killed. The self-proclaimed prophet of God announces that Allred's murder should be done by the group's two prettiest women. The floor is opened to nominations and Rena Chynoweth and Ramona Marston, are chosen. They murder Allred on May 10. Four days later Allred's funeral is held in the Bingham High School auditorium-the only facility in the area large enough to accommodate the thousands of mourners. Verlan LeBaron, attends the funeral but does not find out until much later that the mass presence of the news media and tight police security has saved his life. Assassins, sent by Ervil, backed out after surveying the situation.

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