145 years ago today - Apr 1, 1877

Diary of Abraham H. Cannon (9 April 1890) regarding 1 April 1877: "John Taylor was similarly tested by the then Pres. B. Young at the time the St. George temple was dedicated. The United Order was then a favorite theme of Pres. Young, but in his views John Taylor did not fully coincide. Because of this the latter was most terribly scourged by the tongue of Pres. Young in the temple before all the people. Bro. Taylor was then President of the Twelve. It looked for a time as though these two great men would separate in anger, for Pres. Y. had forbidden John to travel through Kanab and Panguitch Stakes and organize them with Bro. L. Snow, as had been intended... Bro. Snow saw the danger and knew the disposition of the two men. He therefore visited Pres. Taylor and after considerable argument induced him to go and visited Pres. Young. They were coolly received at the latter's house, but as soon as Pres. Taylor said, "Bro. Brigham, if I have done or said anything wrong I desire to make it right," every feeling of anger vanished and these two men were reconciled.

[Discourses of Brigham Young]

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