160 years ago today - Apr 6, 1862 • Sunday

[George Q. Cannon]

(General Conference) In the evening, while Bro. L. was speaking, a man by the name of Hepburn,} an Anti-Mormon lecturer who has been exerting himself through the country to create excitement against us and to disturb our meetings, pressed his way into the hall and tried to create a <bring on a> disturbance and to divert the attention of the people by his grimaces and by pulling out a book and turning it over &^c. {in such a manner as would be likely to attract the notice of the congregation.} He was full of the devil and it was plain to be seen. {His countenance was demoniacal to look upon.} Bro. Lyman continued to talk {and the people to listen,} and he poured it out in such a stream upon him and his crew by calling on the Saints to pity such poor wretches instead of quarreling with them, and described their contemptible manner with<out> being personal {contemptible meanness in such powerful and glowing language without being personal} that Hepburn left after finding that all his efforts to divert the attention of the people were unsuccessful.

[The Journal of George Q. Cannon, Church Historian's Press, https://churchhistorianspress.org/george-q-cannon]

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