65 years ago today - Apr 8, 1957

To keep the Children of Israel from committing these sins, the Lord proceeds to name them and to prescribe penalties for their commission. I am going to name a few of them. First is incest. I am not enlarging on it. In the law incest included more than we now ascribe to it. It included marriage between people within prohibited relationships. The penalty for incest was death to both parties. Fornication-sometimes adultery and fornication are used interchangeably. But for most kinds of fornication, the penalty was death. For adultery, it was death for both parties. For homosexuality, it was death to the male and the prescription or penalty for the female I do not know

[Apostle J. Reuben Clark, Jr., Conference Address, April 8, 1957, in History of Mormons and Masturbation, http://www.exploringmormonism.com/history-of-mormons-and-masturbation/ -- summarized from http://www.mormonstudies.net/pdf/mormon_masturbation.pdf/]

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