130 years ago today - Jul 17, 1892

[Francis M. Lyman]

John W. Taylor. Pres[ident] Smith was the first speaker. He announced that some on[e] of the Twelve was blamable for engaging in business and going other things contrary to the counsels of the Presidency of the Church. "That course was dangerous," he said, "now as well as in the days of the Prophet Joseph when apostles fell." President Woodruff spoke also endorsing Pres[ident] Smith's sayings. He deprecated anything that produced division among the saints. At 2 P.M. after the sacrament was administered Pres[ident] Cannon occupied the time with a gospel discourse. The latter part of talk was upon the subject of the division of the people upon National party lines. Said this movement is in accordance with the mind of the, _____ but it should not produce bitterness In the hearts of brethren one against the other. Pres[ident] Cannon's words made good feelings where Pres[ident] Smith's made bad feelings. ... At bro[ther] Kings I had a good visit with Uncle Edward Partridge. He, like bro[ther] King is all broke up in his feelings over Pres[ident] Smith's talk. They feel that he is at once down on any prominent man who should endorse democracy and advocate it. They feel his attack upon a member of the Twelve was upon bro[ther] Moses Thatcher. I poured in oil upon their troubled feelings and pacified them the best I could. I believe I did them some good.

[Excerpts of Apostle Francis M. Lyman Diaries, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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