185 years ago today - Jul 23, 1837

[Heber C. Kimball, first foreign mission sermon]

... I went forword with Elder Hide with me having peculier feelings [it] being a long Sinigog [synagog] and crow[d]ed full to hear the strang thing thare [their] minds being much excited. I rose up and began to declare that thare had an Angel viseted the lorer [lower] regons and commited the Everlasting gospel to man and [I] prevailled on them to repent and prepare for his seckent [second] coming, and laid down the way for them to Enter Ito [into] His Rest. After I got threw Elder Hide bore testamony. It seam to have a gr[e]at effect on the congr[eg]ation. They cride glory to God to think that the Lord, had sent His servent to them. ...

[Kimball, Stanley B. ed, On the Potter's Wheel: The Diaries of Heber C. Kimball]

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