135 years ago today - Jul 27, 1887

A blessing given by John Smith, Patriarch upon the head of David Oman McKay ...

Brother David Oman McKay, thou art in thy youth and need instruction, therefore I say unto thee, be taught of thy parents the way of life and salvation, that at an early day you may be prepared for a responsible position, for the eye of the Lord is upon thee; He has a work for thee to do in which thou shalt see much of the world, assist in gathering scattered Israel and also to labor in the ministry. It shall be thy lot to sit in counsel with thy brethren and to fireside among the people and exhort the saints to faithfulness; ... and thou shalt go forth wheresoever thou art sent by the Priesthood, like a roaring lion in the forest, none to stay thee, for the power of God shall rest upon thee, and give thee strength, wisdom and understanding so long as thou art in the discharge of thy duty, and thou shalt confound the wisdom of the wicked and set at naught the counsels of the unjust. Study the laws of nature and follow the promptings of the still small voice of the comforter, and thou shalt be healthy and strong in body and mind, and thy days and years shall be many... Thou shalt also be mighty in healing the sick by the laying on of hands, for this shall be thy gift through prayer and faith, thou shalt also, if necessary, perform miracles in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ; ... This blessing I seal upon thee in the name of Jesus Christ, forth in the morning of the first resurrection a savior to thy kindred. Even so Amen.

[Patriarchal Blessings]

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