175 years ago today - Jul 26, 1847

Brigham Young, Heber C. Kimball, Wilford Woodruff and five others explore the hills at the north end of the valley. They climb what is now called "Ensign Peak" [the name comes from the biblical prophecy: "He will lift up an ensign unto the nations. . . . He lifteth up an ensign on the mountains." (Isa 5:26; 18:3)]. Heber C. Kimball declares, "someday an ensign will be flown here" and waves his yellow bandana tied to Willard Richards' walking stick as a crude flag. There was no American flag among the pioneers. Howard Egan writes in his diary of the beginning of Mormon agriculture in the Salt Lake Valley: "At 6 a.m. the bugle sounded for the brethren to collect their horses and cattle to recommence plowing and planting, the team to be relieved at intervals of every four hours during the day." The next day, he continued, "the bugle sounded as usual for the brethren to go to work plowing and planting."

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