135 years ago today - Jul 3, 1887

[Heber J. Grant]

For several hours last night I could not sleep. I got to thinking of the news that I had heard that Prest Taylor was in a dangerous condition and of the many changes that would take place in case of his death. I have gelt for a long while that Prest. Cannon was expecting to succeed Prest. Taylor. Prest. Cannon thinks I am the most ambitious young man in Utah, and I think there is no limit to his ambition.

I have but little confidence in Prest Cannon's management of affairs financially. I got up out of bed & prayed with all my heart and soul to God that he would help me to overcome every feeling of ambition that was calculated to lead me from Him or the path of duty. I want every institution of Zion to be solid and in a condition that no one can find fault with it, and with the help of my Heavenly Father I shall have nothing to do with placing any institutions with which I am connected in any condition but that worthy of the most perfect confidence of the people. I wish I had perfect confidence in Prest Cannon but I have not and I can't change my opinion unless I see something to inspire me with confidence.

I feel to honor and respect him in his position and I sustain him with my faith & prayers. My confidence in Prest Joseph F. Smith is perfect. I know of nothing that is necessary to increase it. After the death of Prest. Taylor I expect Prest Smith to have much more power and influence with the leading officials of the church as well as the people that Prest Cannon. Perhaps I am prejudiced against brother Cannon & in favor of brother Smith but time will tell whether my opinions are correct.

[The Diaries of Heber J. Grant, 1880-1945, Abridged, Digital Edition Salt Lake City, Utah, 2015]

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