180 years ago today - Jul 3, 1842

Joseph Smith delivered one of his interesting and sublime discourses. The congregation, which listened with almost breathless attention, was very large, numbering probably 8 or 10,000. The subject matter was drawn from the prophecies of Daniel which foretold that the God of heaven would set up a kingdom in the last days, &c. It was so satisfactorily done, that it was a pity that the world of great men, sectarians and all, could not have been present, to take a few lessons of common sense from Jo's mouth, (as Bennett of the [New York] Herald would say) that they might come to understanding and save themselves, as well as talk about saving the heathen.

[The Wasp (9 July 1842), in The Words of Joseph Smith by Joseph Smith by Andrew F. Ehat and Lyndon W. Cook]

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