185 years ago today - --20 [July, 1837].

[Willard Richards]

--Awoke this morning in the utmost horror. It appeared to me that evil spirits or devils had fastened on every muscle of my body, pinching it so severely as to completely stop the circulation of the fluids, and Satan himself held me so close by the throat, that I was gasping for breath. Doubtless it would have gratified the prince of the power of the air if he could have strangled me, but the Lord suffered him not.

We anchored in the Mersey, took the small boat, and Elders Kimball, Hyde and myself were the first who landed, after a prosperous voyage of twenty days from New York. We sought the first opportunity to unite our hearts in thanksgiving to our Heavenly Father for his protection.

[Richards, Heber C. Kimball and others have just landed in Liverpool to begin the first ever foreign mission.]

[Willard Richards Journal]

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