185 years ago today - Jul 6, 1837

[Mary Fielding Smith]

Our thursday meeting was again better than any former one. the hearts of the people were melted and the Spirit & power of God rested down upon us in a remarkable manner many spake in tongues & others prophesied & interpreted. it has been said by many who have lived in Kirtland a great while, that such a time of love & refreshing has never been known. some of the Sisters while engaged in conversing in tounges their countenences beaming with joy, clasped each others hands & kissd in the most affectina<te> manner. they were describing in this way the love and felicitys of the Celestial World. altho the House of the Lord was more than half filld during this time their were few dry faces the Brether<en> as well as the Sisters were all melted down and we wept and praised God together some of the prophicies deliverd in toungs and interpre<td> were so great that I cannot begin to describe them but I do assure you.

[Mary Fielding to Mercy Fielding Thompson, 8 July 1837, Mary Fielding Smith Collection, LDS archives]

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