115 years ago today - Oct 6, 1907

At sustaining of church officers a man votes against Joseph F. Smith because of his admitted violation of Utah's cohabitation law. Smith has him ejected from Salt Lake Tabernacle. Conference sustains new apostle Anthony W. Ivins, who performed dozens of plural marriages in Mexico after 1890 Manifesto. Francis M. Lyman instructs newly ordained Ivins: "The Twelve are the Special witness of Jesus Christ & should be able to testify that he lives even AS IF he had been seen by them" (emphasis added). At general conference Apostle and U.S. Senator Reed Smoot tells of a traveling medicine salesman: "in order to hold the crowd until he could convince some of them that they had worms, or something worse, he had three or four niggers sing songs-by the way, I have been told that the niggers furnished the best part of the entertainment."

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