130 years ago today - Oct 17, 1892

Iosepa Hawaiian Colony, Skull Valley, Utah-- As part of a new type of L.D.S. Church colonization in the late 1880's and the 1890's, joint stock companies were organized under the sponsorship of the Church. "The companies were incorporated, shares of stock were subscribed, dividends distributed and property rights precisely described and apportioned." The Iosepa Agricultural & Stock Company was one of those so formed, in 1889. This colony was founded in Skull Valley, Tooele County, Utah by a group of native Hawaiians who migrated from the Islands. This letter in 1892 appointed Harvey H. Cluff as the ecclesiastical leader and authority for the colony under the direction of the First Presidency but it is made plain that he was not to interfere in the temporal affairs of the colony which were being governed by the joint stock company. Church appointed leaders of colonies prior to this time usually had both ecclesiastical and temporal authority. ...

Salt Lake City, Oct. 17, 1892. Elder Harvey H. Cluff: DEAR BROTHER: You have been selected to take charge of the affairs of the settlement at Iosepa. ... ...

We remain your brethren,


[1892-October 17-Cluff Family Journal, pp. 365-366, in Clark, James R., Messages of the First Presidency (6 volumes)]

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