120 years ago today - Oct 7, 1902; Tuesday

[Special priesthood meeting for General Authorities and Stake Presidents] ... Prest. Jno. [John] R. Winder. No girl or woman over the age of 18 years or man under 21 yrs. can do work in the temple unless they have had their endowments, except to be baptized. Persons who are married outside of the church cannot be admitted to the temple for ordinance work of any time [kind]. ...

Second anointings should be kept secret & not be noticed talked about. Prests. of stakes should give recommends for second anointings & not bishops....

Prest. Smith. Recommends for Second anointings are in the hands of the presidents of Stakes and not bishops. Prests. of Missions

... The church divorce is not given to a legal wife till she has been legally divorced. All marriages are free, but divorces should be worth $10.00.

[Anderson, Elizabeth Oberdick, editor, Cowboy Apostle: The Diaries of Anthony W. Ivins: 1875-1932, Signature Books, Salt Lake City in association with the Smith-Pettit Foundation (2013) - http://bit.ly/AnthonyIvins]

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