195 years ago today - Oct 2, 1827

Emma Smith rides to Macedon, New York and tells Joseph about the money diggers' plan to take the plates. Joseph looks in to his seer stone and says the plates are safe. Joseph and Emma return to the Smith home. Joseph walks to the hill and retrieves the plates from his hiding place. While carrying them back through the woods (off regular path), he is attacked by a man who sprang up and hit him with a gun, knocking him down. Joseph leveled him and ran home, knocking several more men down as he ran. He dislocates his thumb, which is reset by Joseph Smith, Sr. Joseph relays the story to Joseph Knight and Josiah Stowell then goes to Willard Chase's house and tells him the story [per Joseph Smith per Lucy Mack Smith]. Smith tells Willard Chase that it was two men that attacked him and that, if not for the stone that he got from Chase's well, he would not have obtained the book [per Willard Chase]. Smith tells Martin Harris that he was attacked and struck with a

club by what appeared to be a man who wanted the plates [per Martin Harris interview]

[Palmyra Magic Timeline, http://www.exploringmormonism.com/palmyra-magic-timeline/]

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