65 years ago today - Thu Oct 10, 1957

[David O. McKay Office Journal]

In Council meeting this morning I referred to the attempted expansion in Huntsville by the Catholics; that they had purchased some additional property on the west, and price seems to be no question to them . . . . I mentioned this just to let the Brethren know what the Catholics are trying to do there. Sometime ago they tried to buy the Bingham property just a short distance from their present holdings for the purpose of establishing a nunnery, and it may be that is the purpose they have in mind in trying to get this property in the middle field. I hope to purchase 50 acres of the land for myself in order to help the Bishop secure possession of the property. I said, "The Catholic Church is against us, and wherever they can prevent our growth they are going to do it."

[McKay, David O., Office Journal]

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