175 years ago today - Dec 6, 1847

... conversing on 'the Standard' [of] building the Temple in the Valley'-[the] order in building same'-[W]e want to fill up all the good vallies & places & keep out the Gentiles. [We] mean to spread ourselves'-the top room will be for sealing'-that is the highest degree that can be attained'- B. Y.[: 'T]he rule of abstraction' [is to] take one from two [and it] leaves three'-(laugh) We have power to beget children with flesh, bones, & blood'-When bodies are celestialized our power is increased'-[W]hy not get [a] Sp[irit] without bodies[?]'-Sp[irits] are susceptible of Sp[irit] as body with body'-[W]e will have powers to beget Sp[irits]'-& tell them to take tabernacles'-[T]hen you put the inclinat[io]n. into man & woman to beget bodies'-God is the Fat[her]. of our Sp[irit] yet not the Fat[her]. of our bodies'-We shall beget Sp[irits] & send these Sp[irits] into the world. ...

G. A. Smith [said he] feels stung at the conduct of the Old Judge ([W. W.] Phelps)'... O. H.[:] I wo[ul]d. not let him have his Women. H. C. K.[:] If you rip them up you will destroy them. A. Lyman. 'I move that William W. Phelps be cut off from the Church for misconduct violating the Laws of the Priesthood in taking women women that do not belong to him & committing Adultery with them''-H. C. Kimball second[ed]'-All hands up'- ... B. Y.[: M]y opinion is any thing that you do in righteousness'-there is no harm in it'-[I]f a man is faithful & can get a Wife without injuring the cause all is right'- ... O. H.[:] I reasoned with bro Parley & bro Taylor on this very thing'- B. Y.[:] They rec[eive]d. instr[ucti]ons not to meddle with women'- ...

[Minutes, as quoted in Minutes of the Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1910-1951, Privately Published, Salt Lake City, Utah 2010]

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