180 years ago today - Dec 22, 1842 - Thursday

[Joseph Smith ]

Bro Shearer asked the meaning of the Little leaven in 3 measures of meal, [[See Matthew 13:33; and Luke 13:21.]] Joseph.— said it alludes exp[r]ess ly to the last days. when there should be little faith on the earth & it leaven the whole world. There shall be safity [safety] in Zion & Jerusalem & the remnants whom the Lord shall call. It refers to the Pristhood .— Truth springing up on a fixd prin[c]iple 3 measures refers to the 3 in the grand Presidency confining the oracles to a certain head on the principle of 3.

[Joseph Smith, "President Joseph Smith's Journal," 4 vols., Book 1, 21 December 1842–10 March 1843 (Willard Richards)]

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