190 years ago today - December 27 and 28, 1832

Doctrine and Covenants 88: ... It was designated by the Prophet as the -"olive leaf . . . plucked from the Tree of Paradise, the Lord's message of peace to us.-" It appears from the historical records that portions of this revelation were received on December 27 and 28, 1832, and January 3, 1833.

1-5, Faithful saints receive that Comforter which is the promise of eternal life; 6-13, All things are controlled and governed by the light of Christ; 14-16, The resurrection comes through the redemption; 17-31, Obedience to celestial, terrestrial, or telestial law prepares men for those respective kingdoms and glories; 32-35, Those who will to abide in sin remain filthy still; 36-41, All kingdoms are governed by law; 42-45, God hath given a law unto all things; 46-50, Man shall comprehend even God; 51-61, The parable of the man sending his servants into the field and visiting them in turn; 62-73, Draw near unto the Lord, and ye shall see his face; 74-80, Sanctify yourselves and teach one another the doctrines of the kingdom; 81-85, Every man who hath been warned should warn his neighbor; 86-94, Signs, upheavals of the elements, and angels prepare the way for the coming of the Lord; 95-102, Angelic trumps call forth the dead in their order; 103-116, Angelic trumps proclaim the restoration of the gospel, the fall of Babylon, and the battle of the great God; 117-126, Seek learning, establish a house of God [a temple], and clothe yourselves with the bond of charity; 127-141, Order of the school of the prophets set forth, including the ordinance of washing of feet.

[Doctrine and Covenants]

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