130 years ago today - Mar 28, 1893

[Francis M. Lyman]

I had a long and interesting talk with bro[ther] Chas W. Penrose upon the course he took in politics. He justified himself in nearly everything. His chief hard feelings are against Pres[ident] Geo[rge] Q. Cannon for turning him out of the Deseret Mews office unceremoniously as he claims to give room for bro[ther] Cannons Sons. He disclaims all intention to oppose the Presidency in their policy. He is anxious to see the Brethren upon this subject and I left word for arrangements for a meeting At 3[:30] P.M. Elder John W. Taylor and I took train for Logan to see brother Moses thatcher about his sickness but particularly upon the matter of his opposing the policy of the Presidency. Bro[ther] Taylor and I had each been prompted to go to him upon the Subject. When I mentioned it to Pres[ident] Jos[eph] F. Smith he at once said you take bro[ther] John W. Taylor with you. When I spoke to Presidents Woodruff, Cannon and Snow they quite approved of us going and said "God bless you. We will pray for you. It was 9 P.M. when we finished supper and reached the subject of our visit. When bro[ther] Moses learned the object of our visit he manifested a very bad spirit and would not hear any more of the complaints from the Presidency. We would continue to tell him what the complaint was against him and the Presidency and Twelve were one in censuring him severely. He had a spirit of justification and defiance and of cross charges against his brethren. He charged me with self righteousness and then said we are all more or less guilty of it. His talk was very bad. ...

[Excerpts of Apostle Francis M. Lyman Diaries, http://amzn.to/newmormonstudies]

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